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How to get to the Domaine Segondignac ?


The easiest way to get to the domain from Bordeaux is to follow the road towards Soulac-sur-mer. After passing through the Lagune village, you arrive at Saint-Gaux, the village where the Domaine Segondignac is located.


10 Route de Saint-Gaux,
33340 Saint-Germain-d’Esteuil

From the airport of Bordeaux-Mérignac

  • Get to the Bordeaux Ring-road

    • Go on the “René Cassin” street for 650 m
    • Head South-West towards Cité Maryse Bastié for 180 m
    • Head straight towards Cité Maryse Bastié for 95 m
    • Take a left on rue René Cassin for 400 m
    • Take a slight right to continue onto rue René Cassin for 1,4 km passing through 2 round-abouts
    • Head toward Angoulême/Nantes/Paris/Libourne/Bordeaux-Lac slightly on your right for 300 m
    • Take the A630 and continue for 4 km
  • Ring road exit n°8 "Le Verdon-sur-Mer/Lacanau"

    • Go through 2 round-abouts and continue for 3 km
    • At the round-about,take the 1st exit toward D2215 then continue for 350 m
    • Take a left onto the D1
    • Continue for 10km going through 5 round-abouts
  • Follow "Soulac-Sur-Mer" Direction

    • Continue on D1215/E1 for 10,1 km going through 4 round-abouts
    • At the round-about, take the 1st exit toward D1215
    • Continue for 28,1 km going through 2 round-abouts
    • Head towards the Saint-Gaux road for 450 m
    • Take a left on D4 and continue for 57 m
    • Take a slight right onto Saint-Gaux road and continue for 400 m
    • The domain will be on your right at 10 Route de Saint-Gaux

From the Saint-Jean Station

  • Cross Bordeaux to get to the Ring-road

    • Head north on rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul then continue onto rue Charles Domercq for 160 m
    • Take a right on rue de Saget then continue for 350 m
    • Take a right on Quai de Paludate then continue for 110 m
    • Take a left on Quai de Paludate then continue for 190 m
    • Head straight for 550 m going through the Pont Saint-Jean
    • Continue on Boulevard Joliot Curie for 2,5 km
    • Continue on Boulevard André Ricard for 650 m
    • At the round-about, take the 4th exit towards rue Charles Chaigneau then continue for 500 m
    • Continue on Quai de Brazza for 600 m
    • Take a right on Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas then continue for 600 m
    • Continue on rue Lucien Faure for 1,7 km
    • Continue on Boulevard Aliénor d’Aquitaine for 550 m
  • Ring-road exit n°6 "Blanquefort"

    • Take the ramp towards Aéroport Mérignac/Bruges/Bordeaux-Lac/Bordeaux Fret then continue for 98 m
    • Stay on your left at the intersection to continue towards A630 for 550 m
    • Stay on your left at the intersection, then head towards Aéroport Mérignac/Bordeaux-Lac/Bruges/Bordeaux-Frèt for 450 m
    • Stay on your left at the intersection, then head towards Bordeaux-Frêt to merge onto A630 and continue for 4,1 km
    • Take exit 6 towards Blanquefort then continue for 300 m
  • Follow "Soulac-Sur-Mer" Direction

    • Take a left on avenue de la Jalle Noire/D210 then continue for 270 m
    • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit towards avenue des 4 Ponts/D210
    • Follow the D210 for 3,2 km going through 2 roundabouts
    • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit towards rue Jean Duvert then continue for 550 m
    • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards avenue de la Salle de Breillan
    • Go through the roundabout then continue for 2 km
    • Take a left on Chemin du Four à Chaux/Av. de la Salle de Breillan
    • Continue to follow Chemin du Four à Chaux for 1 km
    • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit towards D1
    • Go through the roundabout then continue for 7,5 km
    • Continue on D1215/E1 for 10,1 km going through 4 roundabouts
    • Au rond-point, take the 1st exit towards D1215
    • Continue for 28,1 km going through 2 roundabouts
    • Head towards Route de Saint-Gaux for 450 m
    • Take a left on the D4 for 57 m
    • Take a slight right on Route de Saint-Gaux
    • The Domain will be on your right at 10 Route de Saint-Gaux