The hereby mentioned rent contract is done according to the general conditions of sale written hereafter :


The hereby mentioned rent contract is made as a temporary residence for leisure.


The contract is no longer valid after the expiration date mentioned in the contract, without further notice. The renting contract cannot be extended without previous written agreement from the owner.


BOOKING by the tenant :

During the peak tourist season (from 01 July to 31 August inclusive), booking can only be made from Friday to Saturday for a minimum of 6 nights.

The tenant, by booking a room, signs the contract and must provide, attached to the contract, the amount of deposit required and mentioned on the contract ( 30% of the rent at most).

The whole amount of the rent is to be payed when given the keys UPON ARRIVAL of the tenant after an opposing inventory made by the tenant.

CONFIRMATION by the owner or his agent :

Either by confirming to the tenant the availability of the rooms, the commitment of both parties becoming irrevocable.

Either by giving back to the tenant the full amount of the previously paid dues, the rooms chosen by the tenant no longer being available during the chosen period of time.


The following dispositions are applicable either if there is a breaking of the contract from the tenant or the owner.

Any break of contract must be preceded by a notice 30 days prior to the beginning of the stay : the owner gives back the full amount of the deposit.

Less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the stay : the tenant loses the deposit. In case the client does not present himself, the contract is broken and the deposit is given to the owner who can then have full use of the room(s).


Rental price, charges (including cleaning service) and deposit are included in the final price except for the tourist tax of 2.30 €.

Upon arrival, when given the keys, the tenant will provide to the owner the amount fixed at 200€ as a guarantee deposit to ensure that the tenants is held responsible for the eventual damage which might be caused to the furniture or other object present inside the rented room.

Any object, lost, broken, deteriorated or damaged must be replaced or reimbursed to the owner to the value of replacement by the tenant which must do so.

This guarantee deposit, which is non-profit, cannot be in any case be considered as partial payment of the rent.

It will be given back upon retrieval of the keys and after the deduction, if needed, of the amount of the repairs required upon exit of the tenant and at most less than the length of the following tenant’s stay.

A fixed fee of 65€ can eventually be retained at the end of the rental for the cleaning of the apartment if it is not done previously by the tenant


The apartment cannot be used as a main residence or even as a secondary one and the tenant cannot use it for commercial, artisanal or professional purposes. Therefore, the contract is held under the laws written in the Code Civil and the conditions hereby mentioned.

The apartment mentioned in the present rental contract cannot, under any circumstance, by occupied by a number of people greater than the one given in the particular conditions of each apartment, unless prior agreement of the owner is given.

Our friends the animals are not allowed

The swimming pool is strictly reserved for tenants (residents)

The swimming pool is not lifeguarded, children are allowed under the supervision of their parents.

For security reasons, please maintain the access gate to the pool closed

The owners cannot be held responsible under any circumstances

Noise : the tenants must respect the neighbourhood, no noise or excessive sound can bother the other tenants.


The tenant must be insured by an external renowned insurance company for risks of theft, fire and flooding, for the rental risks as well as the furniture given with the rental and also the neighbours’ claims and give proof of such insurance at the first enquiry of the owner.

Therefore, the owner cannot be held responsible for the claim that his insurance company might issue against the tenant in case of damage.


He must :

1. Occupy the rented space with respect and without any commercial, professional or industrial use, the tenant understanding that this rental is being given to him only as a temporary residence for leisure, an imperative condition without which the hereby mentioned rental would not have been allowed.

2. Not do anything which by his fault or by his family’s might trouble the tranquility of the neighbourhood or the other occupants.

3. Occupy the premises for his own use and cannot in any case rent his rented space, even for free, nor give his rights to the hereby mentioned rental without the written approval of the owner.

5. Not in any case change the placement of the furniture nor the state of the premises.

6. Not bring in any animal or pet (dogs, cats…) inside the rented premises without previous agreement from the owner.

7. Let, during the rental period, the workers execute the needed repairs which cannot be postponed due to their urgency.

8. Care for the rented spaces and give them back in a clean state comprising the rent repairs at the end of the rental.

9. Inform immediately the owner of any degradation of the rented spaces or objects even if they are not visible.

10. Answer for any damage or loss which occurred by his fault or by his family’s during his stay.

11. Give previous notice of the date and time of his arrival.



He must :

1. Provide the rented spaces in good state of use and repairs as well as the equipments mentioned in the contract in a good functioning state.

2. Insure the tenant of the full and peaceful possession of the rented spaces and guarantee him from natural vices or defects which might impair this possession.

3. Care for the premises to maintain their state for their intended use.

4. Unless there is a case of emergency, not engage in works and repairs in the rented spaces during the rental period.

Arrivals and departures :

Arrivals are made between 2pm and 5pm and the keys are given after an inventory with the tenant. If late or early please advise the owner.

Departures are made at 10am after an inventory with the tenant.

For everybody’s convenience, no arrival or departure will be made outside of these time periods. To best prepare your departure inventory, please advise you departure at most the preceding night.

Upon departure, the tenant must give his rental space in the state that is was upon his arrival. Every piece furniture or equipment in the inventory must be put in the place it occupied upon arrival. Any repairs, of any importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant will be at his expense.

For everybody’s comfort, we inform you that it is forbidden to smoke in the apartments.